Zwift keeps crashing when I get to 0.3 miles

Hi. I’m trying to get back into some indoor training again so I installed Zwift on a fairly-new MSI laptop. The three times I tried tonight it froze at about 0.3 miles into the ride. The last time it happened I saved the crash log as described.
I’m using a Kickr Power trainer that’s up to date and it looks my laptop drivers are also up to date, any idea what I can try?
Thank you.

Turn off video screenshots in settings as a first step

If you’d like Zwift to analyze your log files, contact support. You’ll have to be very persistent with the idiot robot but eventually it will let you through the gate.

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Is this where I upload the crash log? Haven’t seen a response from Zwift yet
Thank you

To send them a log file, you need to contact support. The chat bot will give you some useless advice but if you keep telling it that whatever it says is not helpful, it will eventually let you open a support case. When that happens you’ll be able to email them the log file.

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