Zwift just quit twice

Damn. Got kicked out of my training twice. After 6.5 km and after 6.6 km. First time I could resume my race, seconden time got back in a whole different environment. Got the latest update om my Ipad, both Zwift and software. Happened before in the past. Deleted all and reinstalled zwift. Going to try that again. But this is not good.

I have run Zwift on Apple TV 4K with a Wahoo Kickr for about 2 weeks and just crashed out of the TfA Stage 2 Race yesterday. I was also on the companion app. Didn’t reboot, as I was curious to see what would happen since I was still on the course, just with no leaderboard and no other riders. Finished the route, but Zwift only saved the point up to where I was booted. First issue with maybe 10 rides, mostly events/races. Could have overloaded the wi-fi on this one, but since there seems to be issues right now thought I’d throw mine in the mix.