Kicked off

I’ve been kicked off every ride, training workout, and event I’ve tried for the last 6 days in a row. I’m really getting mad.

I have all of the required equipment and technology requirements. I’m sick of almost completing a ride or a workout and then not getting credit for it.

I’m so frustrated that I want to quit the program all together.

Can you provide more details about what happened and about your set up?

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I have an IPad that I use. I have the kicker bike. Nearing the end of an event (i got kicked out with 30 seconds left) and with 16 minutes left out of a 60 minute workout, I got kicked out. When I rejoin, it asks me if I want to resume my workout, but only the miles, elevation and time are there. Not the little colored boxes in the upper left. I did the 60 minute workout again and got kicked out at the exact same place- 16 minutes left.

Have you ensured that Zwift is up-to-date on your iPad? Have you ensured that you have force-quit Zwift before each session? Have you ensured that you have a good internet connection? Have you checked to see if your WiFi router is set to a fixed channel, instead of ‘best channel’? You may have done all of this already, but I thought it would be good to check. I’m guessing some other folks will chime in with additional thoughts.

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