Kicked off rides recently on hammer cyclops

My husband and I have been dropped from the last 2 rides and can’t figure out why as nothing on our end has changed.

  1. we each are on Hammer Cyclops
  2. we are riding at the same time
  3. he uses Zwift app on AppleTV and I use Zwift app on iPad
  4. our ride on Tuesday was a workout that we got booted off
  5. our ride today (Thursday) was a group ride that we got booted off
  6. he was booted off of Tuesday’s ride about 25 minutes before I was (he was riding with the group, then all of the sudden he was riding solo. Same thing happened to me a short time later).
  7. When he tried to save the ride after riding solo for about 8 more minutes, he got the Zwift pinwheel of death and was unable to save (he thought. Turns out that zwift partially saved his ride…he got 2.5 miles rather than the 6 he actually rode before getting booted.) Same thing with me except I got 6.58 miles rather than the 18 my app said I did.
  8. today’s ride behaved the same way except
    a) we were booted off to riding solo at about the same time
    b) we didn’t keep riding. it allowed us to save ride and then rejoin. but this happened 2x (so I have 3 mini rides now)

I don’t want this to keep happening as it is very annoying, I don’t get to keep any of the extra points I accumulate during workout (you have to “complete” the workout to keep those extra points at each successful workout stage), and if I’d like to be able to complete a ride in one full session rather than messing with my computer trying to sign out/save/rejoin the group ride.

Please tell me what the solution is. I want to keep using Zwift and don’t want to go to another platform

OK, so you use two terms in your post "booted off"and “dropped”, Just to clarify does this mean that you signed for a group event, then for some reason you were not keeping with the group IE fell behind, “got dropped” and then the group ride ended for you at some point and you had to ride solo?
If you did not finish with the group ride then your time and data that you were with the group will be recorded. But again to clarify, you and your husband can ride ride Zwift together with no issues?
The only other thing I can think of and I’m no expert here, is that you are far exceeding some wkg or hr or something that Zwift doesn’t like for that particular group ride?

so I signed up for group events (a workout one day with a group of riders and a group ride the other day). So on Tuesday, I was riding with the group on the route and then all of the sudden I was solo…it showed me following the route but no one else was around me and all the riders that were listed in the column to the right were no longer there (and my placement above the list that said, let’s say “58th/150” riders now said “-/1”. So I was “off” of the ride (not technically “dropped” from group like they left me behind because I wasn’t strong enough). This happened to my husband and I. That being said, my husband quit riding because he doesn’t like riding solo on Zwift. I kept riding, alone, and when the workout was done, it said I completed it, however, I was solo on that course and when I tried to save it, it wouldn’t let me. When I looked it up on zwift companion app, it says I only completed 6.5ish miles but I did the whole workout and supposedly finished about 18 miles (according to the app when I had just finished the workout)…that being said, the app officially kicked me out of group at about the 10 mile mark. So the whole thing is really baffling.
When we tried again on Thursday with a group ride, same thing was happening. We were both riding with the group and then we were each solo on our individual apps. We are not putting out crazy watts. We are usually B+/A- riders, however, due to laziness this last year, I would say we are B- riders now.

Sorry for the long drawn out explanation. Just trying to get all the details in with the hope that someone can help

When all the riders around you disappear, its quite likely your internet connection has failed somewhere. With both of you getting similar symptoms, I am guessing you have network issues. I dont do Apple things but if you were on a PC, I would be putting your log files onto Zwiftalizer which will likely point you to what is getting dropped (likely your network), and, I’d be running network software to poll “the internet” to see whats happening. My first suggestion would be your wifi isnt playing nice, but equally, it could be you have a really bad ISP.


Yes, I agree that it does sound like either a Zwift or a connection problem. I used to have issues similar to these on my Ipad but my PC running windows never had problems. I am not saying that a windows platform is better just that for me, and oh I was using ANT+ or the PC, it worked. So I would certainly write to Zwift support but if you can try a different platform to see if you still have issues. Also, try resetting your router and let everything reconnect.

so. No changes have been made to internet (did not reset anything) or Zwift app (no additional updates). However, we were able to both do a group ride yesterday (Saturday) with no issues. And today I rode another group ride without issues. Hopefully, the issues will not happen again

To me, based on the information given, this does sound like an issue with your WiFi. The sort of behaviors you listed are definitely consistent with losing connection with the Zwift servers. Here are two things I would suggest:

  1. Check the WiFi settings in your router. If it is set to ‘find the best channel’, change this to ‘use a specific channel’, and pick either 1 or 11. (And if you’re already on a fixed channel, be sure it is 1 or 11.)
  2. Reset your router from time to time. Just turn it off/unplug it, let it sit for a few minutes, then turn it back on/plug it back in and let it go through its boot up process. This can sometimes reset some things that are going on inside your router.

I hope something works for you, as getting booted from rides is a drag.

Thanks. Will do this. Had another weird thing happen again today.