I can't start riding

I did one workout ride on Saturday and now can’t ride on Zwift, I thought this was because my direct debit not set up, but I think I have resolved the issue, I have tried to start a ride or training session choose a course, start peddling and I don’t move (on the screen)
I have tried this on Ipad and computer can anyone help with this

Hi @Pete_Winchcombe, welcome to the Zwift forums!

Please let us know more about your system and how you are connecting. What type of trainer, devices, sensors, the more info you can provide the better.

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Hello Mike I have a Kickr core which connects on power source and controllable, also heart rate monitor and cadence, all connects ok

The Kickr core should provide the cadence without the need for a separate device. If you have an extra cadence sensor I would remove it from the equation.

I assume you are connecting with bluetooth (again, the more detail you can provide the better), so make sure no other devices are active, such as your iphone, that will grab the signal. It is a good practice to force close the app on your phone before trying to connect to other devices like your computer.

Lots of things can interfere with the signal, so try to remove other items from your environment that can cause issues. Here is the article from Zwift support to look over: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/ble-vs-ant-interference-troubleshooting-tips-ryUhOTnzH

also, multiple log ins on different devices without the corresponding log out can cause issues. So if you start a ride on your iphone make sure to save and exit, or trashcan the ride on the save screen. Then also, force close the app.

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just deleted the app on the iPad and switched off my phone still not working, just thought I did move the trainer to a different room after my first ride I did a spin down after the move it did say spin down complete but I had an issue with the speed showing, I did ride for 10mins. would you suggest a switch off and another spin down

wouldn’t hurt

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In the pairing screen, when you pedal do you see a power reading which increases the harder you pedal?

spindown sorted it thanks for the help

there was no power reading but just did a spin down and its sorted it thanks for helping