Zwift, iPad Pro and HomePod

(Chris Walters) #1

No longer seem to be getting sound out of the above setup… anyone got any suggestions?
Other iPad apps (e.g. YouTube, Ted, Music) deliver sound to the HomePod just fine.

Used to work, but no joy recently. Everything is at the latest software version.

Trainer, if that helps, is Wattbike Atom.

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Chris, its been said that certain apps will sometimes turn off sound to HomePod since the connection is through Airplay2 which can result in high latency (which matters in those apps). With movie/music streaming the latency can be adjusted to.

However, try completely turning off your iPad and HomePod then turn both on and set up the audio again on your iPad. Update us when you can.

(Chris Walters) #3

Thanks Vincent - tried every which combination, and no joy.

(Dave Rae) #4

Same issue here