No sound IOS and HDMI?


i am aware of the issues with mirroring on Apple TV so bought an official apple hdmi cable for my iPad Pro. However I still get no sound. 

Can I fix this?

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We’re not aware of any issues on iOS, so check to make sure the iPad isn’t muted (volume settings, mute toggle on the side, and mute setting in the Settings menu).

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I’ve got the exact same problem with ios and the HDMI cable. Did you get a solution?

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Yes I did. In the end it was my iPad set to mute. If you swipe up there is an icon of a bell which mine was set to mute. Unchecked this and I got sound. Hope it helps. 

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Same issue. I have been running zwift through my iPhone X to a tv via hdmi. But now the sound won’t play straight from the phone nor through the hdmi. What’s weird is that if I Bluetooth it to headphones or a bo box, the sound works. I thought I’d trick it and play the sound via Bluetooth it as soon as I plug in the hdmi the sound stops. I’ve rebooted the phone and checked various settings. This is a pain in the ass.


Ok I’m an idiot. The mute button was turned on. As several have mentioned. It’s the little switch above the volume control buttons on the upper left side of the phone. All’s well