No Sound when Screen mirroring from iPhone 7 to apple tv

So sound works fine when running the app, however as soon as I screen mirror to apple TV it loses the sound. Visual is perfect tho. To note, I’ve fired up other apps whilst mirroring and the audio is fine, open Zwift back up and again, nothing. Once I disconnect the iPhone from Apple TV the audio returns.


Thoughts? Advice?

Know issue, Zwift is working on it.

They given a timeframe for a fix?

Same issue. No sound when mirroring iphone to Mac or via AirPlay to Apple TV … or third party apps to Mac. Really frustrating. Mac version of Zwift won’t pick up my Tacx Bluetooth either! 

Works fine off just the iphone. But that is hardly good enough to get the best out of Zwift is it!

Make sure your ringer is turned on. I had no sound till I thought to turn the ringer on and BINGO! Works like a charm!



Ringer was turned off. Simple fix. Thanks!

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