iPhone XR no speaker sound, iOS 14.2

I am running Zwift on my iPhone XR and then mirroring it to a TV (not having any luck using companion app for running on Apple TV but that’s a different issue).

I’m not getting any sound from the iPhone speaker or the TV when mirrored.

Strangely, I do get sound through with a bluetooth audio device connected but not without. The speaker in the upper left corner is always normal and not showing as muted.

anyone got an idea?

Sorry, Jason, this one’s not in my wheelhouse.

This is not what you asked for here, I know, but if you have some time for testing, I’d urge you to re-investigate getting the Zwift Companion app (ZCA) to work for you so that you can pair multiple BLE devices to your phone running ZCA, and then bridging with ZCA to Zwift on your Apple TV, as illustrated in Zwift’s video on overcoming the number of bluetooth connections limit that Apple imposes on the ATV (Pairing More than Two Devices on AppleTV - Instructions | Zwift).
You have mentioned in a previous post that you don’t have the option (I think you mentioned it being greyed out?). That could be a sign of your phone using Network Assist, taking it off the same Wi-Fi network as your ATV. (That can be switched of in the phone’s settings.) It might also be that you need to ‘use up’ all ATV bluetooth connections first, before having the ZCA bridge being offered as a solution for others (see Companion App - Bridge to Apple TV? - #2 by Vincent_Williams1)
When ZCA and your ATV are on the same network and you have the pairing/bridging sorted, I’m confident that you can enjoy the (relatively) straightforward experience of using ATV for Zwift, which should sort out your sound issue at the same time.

I’ll try Z companion again today - didn’t work last weekend.