Parallel Zwift game sound via Zwift Companion

(Aernout Henning) #1

Hi Zwift, I’m struggling to achieve my preferred sound set-up with the hardware I have (Apple TV 4K, HD beamer and 2 Sonos Play-1 speakers). Point is I’m not able to stream the Zwift game sound from my Apple TV 4K to my Sonos Play-1 speakers. I sometimes prefer to Zwift and listen to music, so I simply stream music directly from my iPhone to my Sonos Play-1 speakers (using Spotify for example). Is there a possibility for Zwift to enable what I would like, anywhere in the near future? I’ve read some other posts covering to have music during Zwift, but nowhere I believe the suggestion is made to send the Zwift game sound, in parallel via Apple TV, also to Zwift Companion including a ‘music on/off’ button. This way the more or less standard iPhone functionality may be used to simply stream the Zwift game sound to my Sonos Play-1 speakers or any music source. This could cover a potentially big audience, dealing with the same issue :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering!

(Ignatias Robot) #2

Oddly I have heard the game sound coming through the Android app - but only when the app is not in focus

(Eric Oshlo) #3

I often use BT earphones for Zwift and would love to be able to stream the Zwift in-game audio via BT through the iOS companion app rather than having to find an adaptor and rely on trying to stream the sound from my big screen TV.

(Justin MV (Ride GG)) #4

I did have Zwift sound coming through my Bluetooth headphones the other day, which are exclusively connected to my iPhone. Zwift is running on my Mac, and I’m running the Companion app.

I was excited that this was a new feature of the Companion app. Sadly, this hasn’t happened on any ride since and I can’t figure out why. I found this thread while searching.