Apple TV Zwift and Radio in parallel?

Hello, I’m using Zwift on Apple TV (recent 4K model) without problems on the Zwift side.

Alas, what is NOT working for me is to listen to Radio in parallel.

I turn on Internet Radio (e.g. the Radioplayer App from App Store), start listening to my fav station, then start Zwift to do some riding. After a short time (nearly a minute) and well into the ride the radio sound turns off.

Is such a setup even possible with Apple TV?

Do I need to go back to my PC where running programs in parallel is not a challenge, of course?

Or is this a setting / limitation / something I can tweak in Zwift, the Radio App, or ATV settings?

Any hint is appreciated.
Thx, Matthias.

iOS apps have pretty specific requirements to keep running in the background. If they don’t follow those requirements, iOS may shut them down at its discretion. And if the the system is running out of resources, it may shut them down no matter what. Since Zwift is probably pushing the ol ATV to its limits, perhaps that is the issue. Does this app normally work OK in the background, just not with Zwift running in the foreground? Here’s the Apple dev docs if you want to nerd out. Apple Developer Documentation


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Thanks for the pointers. Will check that out.

In the meantime I’ve found a workaround: Streaming via AirPlay. I’ve got access to another Apple device where I can use Apple Music to listen to my desired radio station, then by tapping on the AirPlay function (lower left corner in my case) I can select the Apple TV as destination. Et voilà, sound output is via the TV connected to my ATV, and that does not stop even while Zwift is active.

It’s not ideal to have yet another device running in parallel, but that Works For Me. I’ll check out some other radio player apps, maybe I find one of the them that fulfills the App requirements that you mentioned.

I found “my Tuner” Radio App, which does work in the background.

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