No sound ipad 2018

(Alden Amparo) #1

Hi, why is it that sound only can be hear using jack headphone and Bluetooth headphone but not in the ipad speaker?

(Vincent) #2

Are your Bluetooth headphones automatically paired to your iPad whenever you turn it on?

(Alden Amparo) #3

Hi, my wife found out the soft botton switch was off. Thank you for fast answer

(Vincent) #4

Nice! Let us know if you have any other questions.

(Moka Case) #5

Hi I’m new. I read the stream and turned my iPad on and off (as well as my iPhone) … no sound using Zwift but no problems with any other app. Suggestions?

(Joanne) #6

It’s time to clean the charging stand. There may be no speaker sound if it has dust on it or it is a bit corroded. This problem happened to my old iPad. I only know after Google that this issue will happen on iPad models or PC. You need to take a toothpick and scrape it off a little bit. The iPad thinks it is connected to the speaker base. Gook luck.