No sound on original iPad Pro

(Eric) #1

All my settings seem to be set correctly. Hear sounds when using my Samsung S9. But nothing, no birds/etc…, when I use Zwift on the iPad. Bluetooth is connecting to a wahoo heart rate monitor and an older Kinetic smart trainer, no problems. Hear sounds when playing other videos, etc… Just not from the Zwift app. Any suggestions… Thanks

(Steve) #2

Have you checked your sound preference setting within Zwift on the iPad?

(Eric) #3

(Steve) #4

Well, that is clear enough.

(Eric) #5

Figured it out. Although the volume was set to max, and worked with other apps, Zwift needs the ringer to be on… First picture, setting ringer off, no sound. Second picture, ringer on, sounds works!!!

These settings, sound works: