Zwift Hub One Noisy

Hello all,

when I ride my Zwift Hub One it is very noisy and I feel that the chain is not properly on the cog.
Any tips on how I get the chain perfectly adjusted? How loud should the hub actually be? Are there any reference videos how that should sound correct?

Thank you in advance.

I’m having similar issues and have emailed support for a solution. I’ve tired different bikes, all 11 or 12 speed ultegra groupsets and the clicking/rattling from the cog is just the same.

Had it up on a bench to see where its coming from and cant see anything obvious which suggests its the cog itself.

Its definitely nosier than my Kickr which is really disappointing

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In my case, the cog seems to be extremely heavy all the time, regardless of which gear I am in. Additionally, the chain tends to skip off the cog whenever I attempt to change gears. This issue has left me feeling quite frustrated, as I am unsure of how to resolve it. im running on a 12 speed Sram etap.
@Rich_Waldrom can you share with the the email address from the support team?

I just used this address for them

Haven’t had an answer yet but had an acknowledgment to my email. Will share what they come back wither

I have written also an email to the support and wait for another answer.

Using the cog does not eliminate the need to adjust the rear derailleur so that the chain has a straight path from the cog to the upper pulley of the derailleur.

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So I build my rear wheel back in for now, so I can then adjust the rear derailleur again. After that I use the Hub One again and then it should be quieter when I’m in the right gear?

I have a 12-speed SRAM AXS eTap rear derailleur setup. it’s super smooth. I can easily make micro adjustments without any hassle via the axs app.

But as soon as I put my bike back in the hub, the chain starts jumping and the tension in the hub can’t be decreased. It’s always super heavy, no matter what I try.

I’ve been scratching my head over this issue, too. Have you found any solutions or workarounds? I’d love to hear if you’ve had any luck troubleshooting this problem.

Actually I don’t have a solution. I use Shimano 105 (11). I found a video on reddit how it sounds like at my Hub. So we are not alone.

Just search for the post “Zwift hub one noise?” on reddit.

I hear you, and it sounds like we’re dealing with some similar but slightly different issues. For me, it’s not just about the noise - I can’t seem to change gears without the chain jumping off the cog every time. It’s super frustrating!

On top of that, no matter how much I try to use the Zwift click to shift to a lighter gear, the tension in the cog remains at its maximum setting. It’s like I’m stuck in a constant state of heaviness.

Ah okay wait, where do you want to change the gears?
Did you updated the Zwift Click on the companion app?
You should be on the small sprocket in front and only change gears via Zwift Click. Which device do you use to connect to zwift? Windows Laptop. Android Phone. iPhone?

You may or may not need to adjust the derailleur again when the bike is on the trainer. It depends on whether the chain goes in a straight line from the cog to the pulley. Poor adjustment may not be what everyone with drivetrain noise in this thread is experiencing. It’s also possible there are compatibility issues between the chain and the cog, but I haven’t seen these bikes so it’s hard to say.

Well, my issue why I opened this thread is the same like the video ist shown on reddit by the following link.

www reddit com/r/Zwift/s/e3WhM7cB1N

Please replace the spaces with dots.
The chain looks straight on my bike and I don’t have issues outside.

I had an email back from Zwift support last night asking me to send them a 15sec video of the noise I’m getting. My chain is a straight as it can be between the cog and the crank. I’ll keep you updated when I get a response but I suspect either there’s an issue with the cog, or I need to micro adjust my rear mech which is Di2. Its just strange I was getting the same noise on all 3 bikes I tried

Have got the same answer.
I have to adjust my derailleur and chain when it does not work I have to send a 15sec video.

You change the virtual gear and the chain jumps off??

I recently saw a video on youtube of someone dissassembling the Cog and comparing the chainring to a “normal” 14 tooth chainring. The most obvious difference was, that the teeth are way taller on the Zwift chainring. The cog is also some 0,2 mm wider than the one he compared it to. Maybe that doesn’t play nice with all chains, especially if they are not brand new (and already a little bit elongated?)

That would be my idea at least. They really can’t make a “one size fits everything perfectly” cog unfortunately, just get close enough for most.


I’ve got the same issue with the hub one with a 3x10 Shimano 105. Was wondering if anyone had tried to use a normal 14 tooth cog instead of the cog with longer tooth that comes with it?

Hey again,

I put my rear wheel back again, and I am not sure but I think my noisy sound could come from the chain in combination with the Guide Pulley (Upper Pulley) and the Tension Pully (Lower Pully). And this sound will be much louder via the Zwift Hub One Cog and the plastic. I will change my chain and the pullies and try it again. If this does not work, I write again to the support and make the video.

Thanks Maurice, thats a good point and might explain it.

Ive been adjusting my rear mech backward and forward and the rattling doesnt seem to change at all, even with the micro adjustments to the mech. It couldnwell be the cog size. I wonder if changing it for a 14 teeth cog from a 11 speed cassette might solve the issue. Or fitting a brand new chain may be the fix.

I obviously dont want to open the cog and void the warrenty though. Ive emailed support back with a second video after adjusting the rear mech, will see what they come back with

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