Zwift Hub One - virtual gearing great but too much noise and vibration

The virtual gearing is a great feature, especially with the play controllers. This was the main reason I purchased it and I was hoping it would replace my Kickr v5.

Unfortunately the cog is too noisy. I did read beforehand that it is noisy, but it’s unusable for me. I do have a waxed chain, maybe that makes it worse.

There’s far too much vibration generated by the unit, I don’t think my neighbour’s would be happy if I continued to use it!

Very disappointed that I have to return it. Hopefully the virtual gearing is something Wahoo can introduce ASAP.

The virtual part of the gearing I would imagine is silent in itself. Something else is making noise – chain on cog? What speed chain do you have? Are you manually shifted so that the chain is going as straight as it can from the front chainring to the rear cog, and not at an angle, and that your rear derailleur pulley wheel is directly under the cog and not to the side?

Anyone know for sure – is the cog itself a 12-speed cog?

You can use a cog from your shimano cassette. @Shane_Miller_GPLama posted a video of it recently. The cog that comes with it is thicker with much longer teeth than a standard shimano cog. That’s probably the cause of the noise.

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Thanks @Wannie and @_Geralt_of_Rivia

It’s a Shimano 10 speed, on the small chainring and 6th cog. If I move up or down then it rubs against the plastic surround on the cog. I use the same cog and small chain ring in ERG mode on my Kickr and it’s virtually silent.

The vibration is more of a concern, my neighbour below can feel it. When I apply a lot of torque it also makes like a snapping sound and slips. I’ll contact support when they open, I don’t want to open the cog in case it invalidates my return.

If the chain is slipping then there’s the possibility that it’s simply too worn (stretched) or that one or more of the links aren’t moving freely. I’d definitely try it with a new (unwaxed) chain to see if that makes a difference.

The chain wasn’t slipping, it was the hub itself. The chain is also less than 200km old and waxed so it’s clean.
But I returned the hub anyway. I guess like most things you get what you pay for, I’ll stick with my Kickr and hope the virtual gearing comes soon.
Thanks for your suggestions.