Zwift hub noise (a lot)

Hello everyone,

I have a noise problem on my zwift hub, I couldn’t find it on the forum.

When I place my bike (triban RC500) and pedal, it makes a lot of noise, like there is a blockage or a helicopter starting. The chain is cleaned, adjusted, no noise with the rear wheel, the bike is well placed. The cassette is 9 so it’s ok.

Is this noise normal?

I put the video on youtube. The end of the link is: shorts/fX2bnN21qEg
So you can see it at www youtube com/shorts/fX2bnN21qEg if you replace space by .

Thank you so much !

Seems to be the grinding noise others report. Think you need to start the return process.
Get in touch with Zwift and send them your video.

Is the noise through all the gears, or only when you start to shift to harder gears, ie like the last 2 or 3 on your cassette.

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some speeds are noisier than others, but the noise is present on all.

I send also an email to the support (waiting for a reply)

i have the same problem, with my rc 500 i put my old cassette tried all the combinations with the spacers, let me know how they respond. Thank you.

Hi Alessio,

My bike cassette is 11-32t and Zwift Hub is 11-28t, so they told me that :
If your cassette ratio is 11-32t, you will either need to shorten the chain slightly for the adapter to our 9-speed 11-28t cassette, or change the cassette on your Zwift Hub. In the latter case, it is not necessary to modify the chain, just follow the instructions in this article when exchanging the cassettes.

So I need to buy a new cassette and try again. Did you already do that ?

Something about this message from support doesn’t make sense to me. If the chain isn’t too long when it’s in the 11t cog (which is the same on both cassettes) why would it be too long in the 28t cog? It probably could be shortened if you were only using the 11-28 gearing but that doesn’t seem necessary.

I suggest showing the bike and trainer to a bike mechanic.

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It makes sense what they’ve said that if you’re going from a 32 to a 28 then you don’t need as many links. In my experience it wouldn’t be that much of an issue until you go granny ring and 11. Then you’ll have a slightly flappy chain.

What I’m really confused about is where it’s gone from a grinding noise to discussing cassette issues.

If the chain is OK in the small chainring and 11t cog when the cassette is 11-34, it will be the same in the small chainring and 11t cog when the cassette is 11-28. The derailleur must be able to wrap up that much chain in either case.


I notice you only started on Zwift 2 days ago so I assume you have heard this noise from the start.

Did the Zwift Hub come set up with the cassette attached?
Did the Zwift Hub come with the cassette but you had to do the fitting?

Before you buy a new cassette you might want to:

Take bike off the Zwift Hub and see if there is any play/sideways/ in out movement of the cassette.

Take the existing cassette of and check it has been installed correctly. (I assume you have all the necessary tools and have done this before as you are contemplating buying a new cassette and fitting yourself. If you have not done before follow @Paul_Southworth advice and take straight to a bike shop)

Ensure the appropriate spacer has been fitted.

Take pictures of all the parts you remove and post here.

You have probably been sent this link by Zwift but if not it might be helpful-

Zwift Hub is Making Noise.

I have limited bike maintenance experience, on my own bikes only. The noise I am hearing on the video doesn’t sound like a chain and cassette contact noise. To me it correlates with the pedal stroke and usually suggests that the extra pressure being applied is moving something it shouldn’t and a rubbing or knocking is happening somewhere that is not obvious. This might of course be within the Zwift Hub but might also be bike related or how the bike connects to the Zwift Hub.

A few final questions:

Did you buy the Zwift Hub new or second hand? If you bought it new don’t do anything to it to invalidate your warranty.

When did you last ride you bike outdoors and was it riding quietly at that time?


Thanks for All your message.

Some information :

  • The zwift hub was new
  • I tried a new cassette 11-32 but the noise was still there
  • i tried with a new chain and … everything became normal !

So thé problem was my chain, despite it has less than 1500km.

Thank you, and I hope this topic can help the other.