Zwift hub one chain noise

Bought and installed a new zwift hub one. Bike and chain new as well.
When I turne the pedals it makes a weird loud sound. I tryed gear shift up and down, adjusted the shifting and set the derailleur. No change.

Has anybody a zwift hub one which isn’t that noisy?
To hear and see a video about a normal zwift hub one noise would help a lot.

I am a zwit hub user, I find I still need to keep the chain lubricared. Personally I use a dry chain lube.

Hope this helps

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I have a Zwift Hub one and it is very quiet. The least noise of all the trainers I’ve had in the last 10-15 years.

My question is whether this is drivetrain noise or trainer noise. If it’s trainer noise then you probably need it replaced. There have been reports of faulty trainers with weird flywheel noises. If it’s possible to rotate the flywheel with the bike off the trainer, that might reveal something.

Rotating the flywheel with the bike off makes no weird noise.
Only with the bike one. Seems to come from where the chain connects to the cog on the trainer.

Without seeing and hearing the bike on the trainer, my guesses include derailleur adjustment, poor chain line, or chain compatibility. What is the make/model of the chain? If the bike has more than one chainring, have you tested with it on both chainrings? It might be helpful to have a mechanic evaluate it.

Edit: I guess if the chain is much too long, that could be another possible source of noise, if the derailleur can’t wrap up enough chain to avoid rubbing on the bottom of the derialleur cage.

I’ve not long had my HUB1 and it’s taken a little fettling to get the noise to its lowest.

Step 1- lube the chain (dry preferably for less mess)
Step 2- derailleur barrel shifter adjustment. This very minor adjustment may also help. Either get another person to adjust it or adjust it while someone else pedals. Adjust it by sound…
Step3- open your quick release lever (if used) and allow the rear stays to drop in place a little more. Mine had shifted after sprinting.

Hope this helps??

Thanks a lot.
At the moment I managed it to a bearable noise. So riding at least make some fun.
I asked friends with more experience to help. Will see how they can deal with it :sweat_smile:

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