My hub working too noisily. how can I solve this problem?

My hub working too noisily. I can’t ride in my home

Hi @Salih_Beyaz

It’s hard to tell from the camera angle, but drivetrain noise can occur if the derailleur is not lined up directly underneath the cassette cog. Causes for that are:

  • The derailleur hanger on the frame is bent. The soft aluminum hanger is a sacrificial part designed to bend if the bike falls over on its right side. Your video doesn’t show a view directly behind the rear derailleur, so it’s impossible to say if this might be the cause.
  • Over time - shift cables go out of tension and cause your derailleur to move it of adjustment
  • Over time - your chain will wear and stretch. If the wear is severe enough, the chain will not engage your cassette cog correctly, and will cause drivetrain noise.

There are noises related to the bike maintenance issues and not the trainer itself. Here are other common causes… Please take a look through those, and if you think the issue is with the trainer itself - please contact Zwift Support so we can work with you on that.

Hi Shuji
Thank you for your answer. I rode it for about 1500 km in total after purchasing it. My weight is 90 kg. The bike I ride on Trainer is the specialized expert crux X1. I had just bought the chain along with the trainer. I don’t know if you saw both videos. The first video was shot after removing the components on the trainer. The sound comes from the trainer itself.