Zwift Hub One noise

Hi all, anyone else having issues with very noisy chain on hub one? The bike has a Shimano DI2 2x11. The chain runs smoothly on the bike, on the hub I found the best gear and used the fine tuning of the DI2 to center it, but the noise remains. I found some articles online where people are discussing the same issue. The options discussed were to check if the bike is in the right gear so the alignment is right. To adjust the rear derailleur which I did… one person reported that changing the chain did help. Any further ideas? Thanks

Are these both pictures of the current state? The second one seems to show the derailleur is significantly out of alignment with the cog and I would expect that to make noise. The chain needs to be in a perfectly straight line from the cog to the upper pulley of the derailleur.

You are right, not sure if this is a perspective thing. I will double check tomorrow. Initially it was not straight but I think I adjusted it. Will report back tomorrow.

Certainly looks to be 1 gear out of alignment.

Obviously with di2 you can micro adjust it to get it absolutely straight.

Worn out chains on a brand new cogs are a common cause of drivetrain noise and skipping chains. A chain wear indicator tool will objectively measure and tell you it’s time to get a new one.

Many bikes come equipped with third party chains made by KMC or another brand, but some will come with a Shimano-made chain. Chains manufactured by Shimano will be embossed with a Shimano logo on one side like this:

This is important to know because Shimano’s 10, 11, and 12 speed chains are all directional. If the chain is installed correctly, those logos should face outward (readable from the right side of the bike). If the logos face inward, a Shimano-made chain is installed backwards, and this also will cause a noisy drivetrain and poor shifting.

Thanks I ordered a new chain today - let’s see if it helps. We now also did a 6 eye check on alignment of derailleur etc. and this looks good. Will Report back when I changed the chain.

Yes I aligned again also with micro adjustments… will now change the chain was anyway soon to be changed.

Please let us know the results.

About how many kilometers / miles would you say it’s been since that chain was new?

Hey Christian, have you changed the chain and noticed some differences (especially with the noise)? I have the same problems and otherwise about to send it back, unfortunately, the volume and vibration are unbearable for me. Thank you!

Hi, received my hub yesterday, test today and yes it works, but with horrible noise and not good riding feelings…
It’s very disapointing, don’t know if it’s the new virtual shifting, but actually it’s a no go for me.
I will tried tomorrow to go to my velo shop to check all the things, if after that it’s the same I will return this and go for a kickr.

that is really very disappointing, also that I am not getting a reply from the zwift support, to whom I have sent a video. In the end, I think that this is unfortunately standard and nothing can be done about it, the reports about it are piling up in various forums…

Hi there, I replaced the chain, even though the chain gauge didn’t strongly indicate a need for it. When comparing the new and old chains, there was about a half-centimeter of wear difference. After the replacement, the noise level did decrease, which was a positive change. I had hoped for even more improvement, but I’m satisfied with the current results. I also went for a ride this weekend, and it felt good. The noise is tolerable and, according to a friend who uses a different model, it’s not much louder than his bike. I plan to continue riding and focusing on the fantastic Watopia rides. It’s surprising how much fun virtual rides can be :wink:

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Thank you for coming back to let us know! Keeping your chain clean will really help your drivetrain run more quietly, and last longer before a chain needs to be replaced. All the tips on this article are spot-on. Check it out:

If you want shorten the chain, bypassing the unused derailleur. Much quieter. Possible a problem doing this if chain slack to much but likely will work. I am using old bike so do not take it off and on thereby requiring a chain swap but it would not be hard especially if seasonal.