Zwift Hub Noise

Hello everyone,

I am pretty new to road cycling in general, and also pretty new to Zwift. I got my Zwift Hub on Wednesday, and I am unsure if he Zwift hub is making correct noises?

The 3 hardest gears (the 3 smallest cogs) sound as if it would be a coffee grinder (turn the volume completely up in the video). Is this normal? Or should I be worried?

How can I send you a link to the video?

My cassette on my bike is an 11-34, but the cassette on the Zwift Hub is an 11-28. This should be compatible as far as I am informed. Is this correct as well?

Maybe some veterans of road cycling and/or Zwift can help me out identifying issues with my setup, or can tell me everything is fine so that I can sleep well again :smiley:

Thank you so much.

Best regards and ride on,

If it’s quiet is some gears but not others, my first guess would be that you need to adjust the rear derailleur because the cassette on the Hub is not in exactly the same position relative to the derailleur as it is on your wheel.

The cassette on the Hub should be compatible with your bike assuming it has the same number of cogs.

Here is the link to the video:

youtube (.) com/shorts/ExoYXZyIy9o

Thank you, I took a look, but it seems like the cog is perfectly aligned with the wheel from the rear derailleur.

As I bought the bike brand new, the chain is new as well. So it should not have a problem with the switch of the cassette. I have only ridden 120 km on the bike yet.

I agree with what Paul wrote.

From a few viewings of the video, I’d say you need to fine-tune the indexing of the rear mech for when the bike is on the trainer. This is quite common. When you change gears at around the 60% point in the video, the clattering noise sounds identical to a chain hitting a neighbouring sprocket.

The alignment may look right, but a small change in cable tension is all that’s needed to sort this out.
Also, on a new bike – like your situation – it’s usual for cable stretch to be noticeable after the break-in period, requiring such fine-tuning anyway. I’ve just been dealing with exactly the same thing (not on a Zwift Hub), having replaced my shift cables six weeks ago.

Edit: @Lukas_Aichbauer Is that rear derailleur the Shimano Ultegra RD-R8000-GS? If so, the adjustment procedure for fine-tuning the indexing starts on p. 19 of the following document: