Zwift Hub Grinding in High Gears

Hi there,

Fairly new to cycling/zwift. I’m wondering if the grinding/vibration i’m hearing on my Zwift Hub is normal?

clipchamp . com/watch/nd57XicXmph
clipchamp . com/watch/wryUP023nMg

I’ve spent hours trying to index gears and adjust the rear derailleur. I have an 8 speed bike and I bought the exact cassette i use on my bike and installed this on the Hub (with spacer) along with a new chain.

Is the noise within the limits of reasonable? It is especially bad in the smallest cog (fastest gear) and causes huge vibration, bad enough that i don’t want to use these gears (which is a nightmare on descents/flats). Hopefully the video is clear.

I spoke to Zwift support, who weirdly sent me a new Hub. Unfortunately the grinding/vibration is still there so it’s certainly a problem with my drivetrain over the Hub. Is there anything I can do to prevent the grinding in the small cogs?

Thanks for any advice!

I didn’t open your links as they’re hosted using a service I’m unfamiliar with. I’d suggest YouTube or Imgur.

Start here: How to Adjust a Rear Derailleur – Limit Screws & Indexing - YouTube

…or enlist the help of a professional bike mechanic.

EDIT - @Steve_Hammatt pointed out ClipChamp is under the Microsoft umbrella - just watched and listened.

Those vids suggest a minor indexing issue to me. I’d start with that.

Clipchamp is part of Microsoft.

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Thanks for watching both. I’ve spent a while indexing and that’s the best i can get. A couple of people have mentioned they experience the same with their trainers (e.g. forums.zwift. com/t/zwift-hub-grinding/590950), perhaps it’s something i should just put up with.

Acid test: remove chain and cassette from bike, install on the trainer. (eliminates “the entire drivetrain” from the equation)

Other possibilities:

  • check the axle adaptors on the trainer to ensure they’re not too tight or loose, and not cross-threaded. (some reports of badly machined adaptors)

  • bent derailleur hanger? (if you’re not having the issues on your bike, this seems remote)

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A few questions:

  • How many front chainrings do you have (2 or 3) and which front chainring do you use when you are in the highest gear on the rear?

  • Do you have the correct chain (8-speed)?

I will try it with my exact bike cassette and chain rather than the new ones i bought, thanks for the advice.

My bike has 2 front chain rings and I am using the big ring when in highest gear. Issue is worse when in the little ring but not too concerned about that since i would never use that gear.

chain and cassette are exact copies from my bike
shimano hg50 11-32t, 8-speed
KMC X8, 8-speed

Hi Ben!

I’m sorry to hear about grinding/vibration in your Zwift Hub! Please refer to this article on the Zwift Support site: Zwift Hub is Making Noise.

I hope it can be useful! :slight_smile: