Zwift Hub vibration in high gears

Hi all,

I got my Zwift Hub delievered today and I am using it with a Rose BACKROAD GRX RX600 1x11.
Therefore, I ordered it with the 11 speed cassette preinstalled.

During my first test ride I immediately noticed a rough vibration coming from the pedals/drivetrain on each pedal stroke when I am in one of the higher gears (9,10,11). The harder I pedal, the worse it gets. I don’t know if the lower gears are not affected by this, or if I simply cannot put enough power into the pedals for the vibrations to occur.

I tried removing the preinstalled cassette and mounting the cassette from my bike (Shimano SLX CS-M7000 11-42) to the Zwift Hub but I keep having the same issue.

I reindexed my derailleur to each cassette and I was able to perfectly shift through all the gears without any problems.

Tomorrow I will try mounting my old MTB onto the Hub with a 9 speed cassette, to see if I have the same issue on a different bike.

I would appreciate any help with fixing this issue. If I can’t fix it in the next few days I will have to return the Zwift Hub, as it is not usable in this condition.


Some vibration is expected I think, I’ve had a few kickrs and they have all done the same. I believe it comes from the flywheel.

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@Mat_Sturner Can you set up a smartphone and take a vid with audio, posting a link here? Some vibration is likely to be expected (see below) but maybe we can get an idea if what you’re experiencing is similar to us or excessive.

I notice similar on a Tacx NEO2T if I’m on the big front chainring and any of the smaller rear cogs. I’d describe it as a light “thrum” noise.

Thanks for the answers!

I mounted my old MTB today and the vibrations are now much much lower.

So I guess what’s left now is the same kind of vibrations you two are talking about and these are well within a reasonable amount.

I guess something must be wrong with the cassette / chain on my Backroad then, but it is strange that the vibrations only occur when it’s mounted on the Hub and not while riding outdoors.

Anyway, for now I will keep my MTB on the Hub and see if I maybe oder a new chain and/or cassette for my Backroad.

Happy Riding

Hi Mat,

Just wanted to let you know that I think I’m facing the same issue with the exact same bike (2022 model).

I’ve opened a new thread here, as you marked this one as solved.
forums . zwift . com/t/chain-jumps-and-runs-noisily-on-zwift-hub-with-grx-600-1-x-11/600920

Since I don’t have a second bike, I really want to fix this! I’ve seen a video that explains it might be due to wrong spacing of the cassette, see here. Will let you know if that fixes it!

youtube . com/watch?v=webrmt2NzAE