Zwift Hub makes loud shattering noises

Hi fellow cyclists,

I got a Zwift Hub for my Canyon Endurace CF SL 7 eTAP and installed it properly with instructions. However I cannot really use it since every time I use the gear this loud shattering noise happens and also the chain is not really going smoothly up and down the gear. It rather stucks and then jumps and that creates a loud sound. I have made a video. Any idea what the problem could be? I use the 12 Speed Cassette Zwift Hub as my bike as 12 cassette as well.

Video: (I cannot include links but otherwise I dont know how you can help me. So I split the link in several parts: (replace dot with . and delete spaces

streamable dot com/5imlke

Hope you can help

It’s not a SRAM cassette, and there is no SRAM cassette for your trainer since they’re not selling a compatible freehub body for the Hub. It’s possible you might get better results with careful adjustment, but the bottom line is that it’s not going to work great with that drivetrain. You are not the first person to run into this. You will get better results with a trainer that offers a SRAM XDR freehub body.

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Wow thanks a lot! How did I not know thus before? I checked the bike specs but did not consider the SRAM components… OMG… so I will resell it most likely…

Replacing it with a trainer that supports the proper cassette would be best, but other options would be to take it to a bike shop and see if they can fuss with the adjustment to get better shifting, or they might propose a different chain. You could also ask Zwift if they want to take it back. The company has not done buyers the service of providing good compatibility info. If you read the marketing text you would not learn anything about this.

Other option is a cheap road bike dedicated to the trainer. That will save the wear on your nice bike and cheaper running cost with cheap components.