Upgrading Wahoo KICKR CORE to Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One gear range issues [February 2024]

Anyone got issues with a smooth chain line and/or easy gears after installing a zwift cog on a wahoo kickr core?

I’ve got a SRAM red 48/35 chainset with rival axs rear mech (and 12spd flat top chain). In the big ring even the smoothest chain line feels clunky. In the small ring, I can get a smooth chain line but then gear 24 feels relatively easy (at around 265w at my usual cadence).

Am I missing something? Is there a way to change the range so I can use my little ring? I read somewhere about the virtual gears setting themselves at the start of a ride based on cadence or the fly wheel, but I tried starting again with the small ring and still had the same “easy gears” issue.

(Oh and the zwift click arrived with a dead battery which was a bit annoying!)

Hi @Andrew_Wilson5 I appreciate the time invested in trying to upgrade your Wahoo KICKR CORE, please keep in mind that the freehub body that comes with the Zwift Cog + Click Upgrade Kit only fits the Zwift Hub instead of the Wahoo KICKR CORE. For more information, you can read this article.

Furthermore, I’m sorry to know that one of the batteries of the Zwift Click was dead, can you please reach out to us by using the Contact Us link on Support.Zwift.com ? We’ll be glad to assist you!

It fits fine, as you know, it’s just two plastic plates and a cog that can be removed from the zwift hub freehub and put onto the standard Shimano freehub on any kickr core.

For all intents and purposes it’s the same as a brand new kickr core with cog.

This has zero impact on my question and any issues I’m having. It works fine, it’s just noisy/clunky in the big ring, and given Zwift suggest using the small ring anyway, I’m asking how do you adjust the virtual gears so it’s not so easy whilst using the small ring?

I see mentions elsewhere of zwift using the first 10-15 seconds to measure the flywheel, power etc to adjust the gears from the starting point in gear 12, but that doesn’t seem to work with me, I still spin out at 260ish watts when using the small ring in gear 24. I can use the big ring but it’s noisy and not as smooth…

Update on this. Stuck my shimano 11spd bike on the turbo and it is fine - much quieter and less “bobbly” than the Sram 12spd flat-top. Can try microadjusting the gears on the sram bike next time I’m on it, although reticent to have to faff as will need to change it back when using a proper cassette. Might just have to put up with the rough running with Sram 12spd.

The difference might be the chain itself

Yep a few folk have mentioned 12spd flat top chains are pretty noisy with the zwift cog - I don’t mind noise but it’s the slight feedback through the cranks that gets a bit annoying after a while. I’ve got another axs bike here (1x gravel) I might try to see how that sounds too.