Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One Lockring Rubbing

I am setting up my Wahoo Kickr Zwift One but when I have tightened the thru axle up enough so that it’s not loose at the drop outs there is no clearance between the drive side dropout and the lockring so it is rubbing. (It actually undid itself when I tested by turning the crank by hand.) I am using the “adapter c” that comes with the trainer and the correct size adapter on the non-drive side.

Any pointers welcomed as currently it either rubs or my frame is not secure on the trainer. It’s like the Zwift Hub is too big or the “adapter c” isn’t quite big enough to provide the clearance between lockring and dropout. Am I missing something?

Turns out I was missing something. The freehub locknut!:astonished:

I got through to Wahoo live chat (an actual human) and I sent some photos of how the unit was assembling/rubbing. They got the mech department to have a look at them and then got back to me saying I needed a free hub lock nut (which they were going to send me). This is all a bit new to me but once I worked out exactly what it was I went back to the trainer and gave the Zwift Cog a pull along its axis and the whole thing just came off including the free hub it was mounted on!

I have seen other reports of badly fitted Zwift Cogs on the new Kickr Core version. I think they may have QC issue here. Really not good.