Upgrading Wahoo KICKR CORE to Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One - Zwift Cog Compatibility

Received my cog and went to fit it on my kikr core. Allegedly I take my cassette and freehub body off,easy, leave the collar on the axle and slide cog with it’s free hub body on. BUT it doesn’t slide over the spacer/collar!! And yes I pushed, greased and wiggled it. Didn’t tap with hammer though! In the end I fitted the cog on my original freehub body and slid it on. Works fine though noisier on drive train than I thought it would be. Anyone else had this problem?

Shane covered that one, link to his video below. Basically it’s a different cassette body so it’s a good job you walked away from that hammer…:joy:

:joy: ooops missed the Llama video. Thanks for pointing it out. Still surprised how noisy it is though. New 14t on cog and an 11 speed chain with less than 100 miles on it.

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On the noise front, Des did a general review but did comment on that, see below

BTW i don’t spend all my live on YouTube…:-/

So as my road and gravel and the wife’s bike are all 11 speed, I might fit an 11 speed sprocket on the cog and have a listen ( took an 11 speed SRAM cassette off the freehub.). Thanks for all your help.

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Was that the Core-specific Cog? Because the one that Zwift have been selling is specific to the Zwift Hub and won’t fit the Core (without dismantling it as you’ve done).

No it was the original one, easy swap over. Just assumed the freehub was standard Shimano. Will be changing the sprocket for a simano 11 speed one as all our bikes are11s and it’s supposed to be quieter.

Yeah that’s the problem then, the freehub is different. The exterior of the freehub body (to take a cassette) is standard Shimano, but the problem is the internal bit of the freehub fitting to the wheel hub and there are lots of different fittings for this.

Hi @martyn_woollett in addition to the information provided, based on what you described you currently have the Wahoo Kickr Core and trying to upgrade it to the Wahoo Kickr Core Zwift One, Is that correct? If so, the Zwift Cog + Click Upgrade Kit is sold with an included freehub body that only fits the Zwift Hub—it does not fit the Wahoo KICKR CORE. In this case, our recommendation would be to use the Zwift Play for the virtual shifting. For more details please, review this article.