ZWIFT HUB ONE Cadence dropping when spinning fast

I have experienced a few times a similar behaviour when doing workouts.

The workout is requesting you to spin as fast as possible, and while zwift initially recognises the cadence, it will very soon start dropping from 100+ to 80 to 60 even 30 sometimes. obviously while I was keeping my cadence at high.

Todays workout had 4 “bursts” and every time i experienced the same.

Any idea what might be causing this?

The trainer may be having difficulty estimating your cadence. It doesn’t have a cadence sensor so it estimates cadence based on your pedal stroke. If that’s what’s happening then you might want to install a cadence sensor on the crank arm so it actually measures crank arm revolutions.

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What @Paul_Southworth said is correct, and I would guess when you are bursting in high cadence the trainer resistance will automatically be less (that’s just how ERG mode works) so it struggles figuring out your pedal stroke. It doesn’t really matter however, workouts don’t pass or fail based on cadence. You can completely ignore the cadence drills and still get a full star for the workout.