Zwift Hub: ERG mode not working properly at high cadence


I just received my Zwift hub last week and after a few rides it seems the ERG mode is not working properly anymore at high cadence. Let me explain.

When I am riding in my training plan for example at 105W for 85rpm the rpm is first going up then down but my cadence is not changing. Before that I could stabilized at 85rpm without any issue.

If I am at a slow cadence for example 105W for 75rpm the ERG is working fine.

My problem seems to be at high cadence, as Zwift keeps telling me « spin faster » but even by doing that the the rpm aren’t going up and my watt are staying at the level indicated by the training plan.

What can I do to solve that issue? Tried to recalibrate the Zwift hub, install uninstall the companion app but nothing change.

Thank you for your help.
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Hi @Andrea_Menoni

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Trainers ar not very good at estimating cadnc if you pedal very smoothly. If you want accurate cadence you need a cadence sensor that you put on your crank arm.

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Hi @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ thank you very much for taking the time to answer me.

Understood, very clear now. One more question though. What kind of sensor should I buy? Any example? There is so much available on internet, don’t know which one would work with my Zwift hub.

Many thanks in advance,
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The Cadence senso will connect to your Zwift device, so it depend what device you are using.

Ant+ or Bluetooth?

I am using my Zwift hub home trainer with an iPad Pro so probably Bluetooth would be better.

Thank you again for your help, very appreciated.

Yes you will need to look for a Bluetooth one.

I don’t want to recommend one since I still use an older garmin one. But have a look on Amazon and read the reviews but I would say most are good.

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At the risk of going slightly off topic and sorry to the OP!

I think you have the same pedals as me (assioma duos) - do you not find the cadence in these to be pretty good? mine are as good as any cadence sensor I have ever used.


Chris has a good point if you use the pedals you don’t need a cadence sensor. Just pair the pedals as Cadence.

I was more curious as to why you used a seperate sensor, i thought you may have had issues with the cadence from the pedals

No sorry I have regular automatic pedals with no cadence sensor on it.
I will have a look on Amazon thanks!

I have used one of these with a bike computer before and they work well but i should say i have never tried them on zwift.

If you hold fire on purchasing i can test it out as i’m planning to ride later this evening. I don’t have an ipad but can test it over bluetooth on my PC

Sorry for the delay, took me a while to find the cadence sensor.

Testing it now and works over Bluetooth on windows 10 can try android later but should be fine

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