Zwift hub flywheel feels too fast / character stops moving

Hey there,

I think I’m starting to go crazy.

I started out in lockdown using Zwift with a dumb exercise bike with some cadence & speed sensors, loved it! Promised myself I’d do it properly after lockdown and get a new bike (my road bike was ancient and falling apart) and smart trainer.

But now I’ve moved to a Zwift hub and it just isn’t working as I expect; I start peddling, my wattage goes up and then the flywheel just spins like crazy (that feeling you get as if it’s going faster than you) no matter how I have my gears or how consistent I keep my cadence, then my character will just stop for a bit, then start, then stop etc.

I think I’ve been on Zwift for about 5 minutes since I bought my hub.

Could someone please tell me where I’m going wrong, is it the hub? Is it me?

Are you sure that you’ve paired the Zwift hub and it’s not still paired with your old sensors?

Hey Stuart - thanks for replying and definitely! They’re switched off in a box somewhere.

I did have a thought though, I’ve recently changed which device I use for Zwift, I’ll try a reset / connecting with the old device and report back.

Shouldn’t need to do that. Whichever device you are going to be running Zwift on just double check that when you pair it to the Zwift hub then that’s all its seeing.

The hub should show as a power source, cadence and controllable trainer which is different to your old setup.

You will also now have trainer difficulty setting. Go into this and check that it’s not down at 0%
This wouldn’t account for the stop starting but will certainly explain why you can’t keep up with the trainer, especially if you’re in a low gear.

Keep reporting back and we’ll get you sorted.

What device are you running Zwift on?

Which bike did you use too? A bike with a small chain ring will cause similar issues. If you have a 32/34T up front that could be the problem.