Zwift hub?

Hi I’m a new guy to this , i’m using work outs and find the Zwift hub has little resistance and the cadence required is far too fast for me on all the workouts I have ryed (7), are my settings and setup right ? (still can reach the watts , but have to spin like mad and cant keep it up)

Could you provide some more details of your set-up?
What kind of cadence numbers are you finding too fast?

Make sure erg mode is turned on. I’ve seen what you’re describing on a Hub. Don’t know why.

What sort of gearing do you have on your bike? Is the trainer paired as Controllable on the pairing screen?

Ill check that . Many thanks

Hi Shimano cassette that came with the Zwift Hub (hope that’s what you mean) and it does pair ok , many thanks

So high gear on the trainer is 11 teeth, but how many teeth are on the biggest front chainring? Those two factors will tell us if the gear is big enough to get decent resistance.

Hi its a Ultegra 53/39

Great the gearing is definitely not the problem

Thanks for the info

Hi all seems to be all ok now , thanks for your comments, still not sure what was going on !