Zwift Hub firmware update using Companion 3.46

Hi Hub trainer owners,

Zwift Companion v 3.46 is live on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Please allow time for these updates to propagate to Apple and Google servers worldwide.

If you experienced an issue where your Hub trainer stopped being recognized by the Companion app during the firmware update process:

  • Please make sure you update Companion to version 3.46.0, and check that your phone is fully charged.
  • Power on Zwift Hub.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on the mobile device running the Companion.
  • Open Companion and go to Zwift Hardware screen. You should see your Zwift Hub listed with the “Firmware Update Available” message.
  • Select the Zwift Hub to open the device screen
  • Tap “Update Firmware” button.
  • Wait for the update to complete. Leave the Companion app in the foreground, and don’t turn off the power on Zwift Hub.
  • Wait for “Firmware Update Succeeded” message.
  • Force close and restart Companion, go to Zwift Hardware screen again, and you should see that the firmware on your Zwift Hub is up to date.


If you do not restart Companion after the last step - it will not be able to reconnect to the trainer’s newly updated firmware.

If the above steps fail and you have the ability to use a different handheld device to update the firmware, please give that a try.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is known to have problems with the firmware update. Please use a different handheld device to update the firmware. Once completed - the Tab A8 can be used to run other Companion app features.

Not all Hub issues have the same root cause. For one-on-one assistance, please contact Community Support where our hardware experts will help…