[SOLVED] Problem updating Zwift Hub Smart Trainer

Problem updating Zwift Hub Smart Trainer


my Hub arrived today and I am trying to update the firmware from 3.1 to 3.9 .
I start the upgrade process from the zwift companion app on my android phone (Oneplus 5T) but it always fails because the trainer disconnects from the app during the process while showing 0% progress.
Weird because the app shows “disconnected” but the LED on the trainer is solid blue which means it should still be paired. The trainer is not connected to any other device at this point.
I cannot retry the update process because the companion app cannot connect to the trainer anymore, I have to restart the trainer to try again.


Problem is solved, I had the chance to try another smarphone and the update was successful.

Glad you solved the issue. Out of curiosity, what version of the Android OS is running on your OnePlus 5T phone?

Is the OS rooted, or running a custom ROM?

Android 10, Stock, no Root.