Firmware update failure

Hi, i bought a zwift hub i received today, i can’t update the firmware to 4.0.1 ( on zwift companion apps it’s 0 at the moment )
it is block on “installation …” and that’s all. how many time it takes ?
does anyone have this problem ?
i can’t do training because i have no firmware so i can’t calibrate and training…

Hi @Jean-Noel_JOLY-CASAS welcome to Zwift forums.

If your firmware update failed - please check two things.

First - be sure that the you’ve given the Companion app permission to use the Bluetooth radio. Do this in your OS settings > Companion app > Permissions. It’s not enough that the Bluetooth radio is turned on - you must give the app permission to use it. Hope that makes sense?

Second - look through the steps previously discussed here to reattempt a firmware update.

Hi, tks for the answer, for those who have the same problem ( i used samsung galaxy tab first time ), i used my old Samsung S9, delete the companion apps and reinstall, got the error 4096 ( i think ) DPU NOT CONNECTEd or something like that, try it again, the download began and the zwift hub updates.
So for those who have the same problem, try to use another device to upgrade it.

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