Zwift Hub as a stand-alone smart trainer without an internet connection

FAQ has the following statement: Zwift Hub can be used as a stand-alone smart trainer without an internet connection if needed.

It doesn’t say anything else about it though. I lost internet, yesterday, and could not ride. Tried JetBlack… no go. Looks like they abandoned development. Couldn’t even log in.

Anyone know of an app that will link up to all the sensors and give me HR/Watts/Speed/Distance and ERG mode? Custom workouts would be a big plus.

A modern cycling computer such as a Garmin head unit can do this. There is a big used market for those on eBay, or perhaps from a local cycling club if you need one.

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I found this in a review:

The one thing Zwift aren’t planning is the option of using the trainer offline. Nevertheless, they say the Zwift Hub can function as a stand-alone trainer, but they don’t reveal how to set the resistance in that case. We tried it with the Wahoo ELEMNT as well as the myETraining app from Elite. It worked with whe Wahoo Companion App, recognising the Zwift Hub and letting you do your training rides. The Elite myETraining app, on the other hand, didn’t work.

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Thank you both!

Was looking for the same. GoldenCheetah does recognize Zwift Hub with an ANT dongle, HRM via Bluetooth. Still exploring.