Workouts without Pairable Device

Is it possible to follow a workout without a pairable bike / trainer?

At home, I’ve been using my wahoo kicker paired with Zwift for some time now and that works great.

My work gym has a Matrix exercise bike which measures Power but does not have the capability to communicate with Zwift. Is there any way to use Zwift as a stop watch while dictating the interval wattage? I’m able to do this with TrainerRoad but it looks like Zwift workouts only work with a paired device.

If I’m out of luck, is there any free apps that provide power based workouts that will work with unpairable devices / trainers?

I think you’re probably out of luck with zwift if you can’t transmit power or speed and cadence.

GCN do so workout videos

you might be able to cycle along to those (i’ve not tried them myself)