Zwift Setup with Gym Bike?


I just thought about getting into Zwift (again) and I did a thread back in the day to ask for a „budget“ setup - I know there is the Zwift with kickr core but that probably would be my „last resort“

The question I have is:
Could I use a bike at my gym with an external RPM sensor? (Wahoo for example) I probably would have to do the resistance „by hand“ but I thought about doing it like this by attaching the sensor to the bike and do it like that - Am I missing something? Or would that be an option? (Zwift device would be my phone then)

The Bike itself has Bluetooth but thats just for music or similar stuff - No „Bike data“

Thank you in advance^^

RPM does nothing for Zwift. You need speed or power. Be a PITA to set up a bike at a gym without causing some interest from the employees. For gym/spin bikes, the easiest is power pedals but then you have to change the pedals at the gym.

At one time someone was looking at doing power shoe inserts but that was a few years ago and have not heard since. that would be ideal.

Here you go: RPM² Devices

Hi @Alexander_Fasold, Welcome to the forums!
Fernanda from Zwift here.

I couldn’t miss the opportunity to help a little, and I must confirm that @chris_benten1 is right! You will need a power meter for you to move your avatar in the Zwift game, I want to share with you some information regarding the compatible power meters to use with Zwift.

More importantly, I hope you keep your enthusiasm for enjoying Zwifting once more!

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