Gym bikes

I know you can’t speak for every gym that exists, but it occurred to me that in many local gyms here there are fairly sophisticated stationary bikes.

I won’t be able to modify the hardware, such as adding a power meter, it will be a question of changing clothes, sitting on the bike, getting my phone and opening the Zwift app, then log onto account and pedal, hope for the best. At the moment I can’t say what type of machinery gyms here have but using them in the past I know that at least they sync to a Polar HRM (although this is obviously a far more simple kind of data).


My gym has Stages Solo bikes which have built in left crank arm power meter. I do exactly what you say - pair the power meter and my Wahoo Tickr heart rate monitor to my iPhone over bluetooth, pedal. No controllable resistance, but it’s very convenient.

Thanks, will try