Questions about the Zwift app

Greetings, community! This is my first day riding on Zwift and my first post ever. I have a spin bike with no trainer, just the two Wahoo speed and cadence sensors, as well as Apple watch for heart rate… all three paired nicely within the app. I have a few questions:

  1. is there a way to listen music from inside the Zwift app? is there an audio trainer that guides the rider?
  2. my power numbers jump abruptly ~100w up or down which makes it hard to keep up with the workout. also, I am not able to go above 400w, no matter how hard I ride.
  3. I ran the Zwift app on my laptop about 7 feet away from the bike (and my watch). does that make the bluetooth connections way more unstable?

Thanks in advance for helping a total noob here. :slight_smile:

  1. What device are you running Zwift on? You can just play your usually music in the background (I use a PC and have iTunes shuffling music)

  2. My guess this is due to using an unsupported spin bike which has a smaller wheel than what you can select on the Pairing screen. There is a 400 watt limit on unsupported trainers.

  3. Bluetooth is VERY susceptible to interference, use a USB extension to get the dongle closer.

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Oh sorry, I forgot to mention the bike brand: it’s a Schwinn IC3. Is there a webpage where I can see what bikes are supported?

This is the list of Zwift supported trainers.

I was thinking of getting the Assioma Duo pedals. Will the Wahoo candence/speed sensors interfere with the pedals while in game? Should I take them off the bike once the pedals are on?

I would say definitely take the speed sensor off. If the pedals broadcast cadence then you can remove the cadence sensor aswell.