Manual resistance control on zwift hub


I would like to be able to use the Zwift hub outside of zwift on occasion for other workouts. I would like to be able to add/subtract resistance manually similar to what you would find on an exercise bike. My old trainer (elite) had an app that had basic level control of resistance which did the trick but I haven’t found something that works (yet) for the hub.
I did try the Jetblack volt app, while it recognised the trainer it didn’t seem to do anything for resistance control. It just kept saying it was disconnected. Is there any other way this could be accomplished?


Yes, a head unit such as a Garmin can control your trainer, assuming you have the Zwift Hub Classic and not the One.

Thanks, unfortunately I dont have a Garmin head unit at the moment. While it is a Zwift One I currently have, I was hoping there was some app based resistance control, perhaps something might be added to the companion app down the road. Something similar to the JB volt.

You can checkout this web app. It can control the Zwift Hub trainer with ERG and Slope mode, it can also execute .zwo workouts. It’s build with some advanced technology in order to be able to work in a browser. Thus it will work on Chrome or Edge browser on Mac, Windows, Linux and Android.
But here comes the only drawback it does not support Safari, Mozilla and Chrome for iOS.

Just to note I am the developer of the app, it’s free to use , has no ads or trackers, and it’s open-source so you can checkout whole code if you are interested. If you have questions you can contact me here or in the app discussion forums: here

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Is this confirmed? I’m asking because I’m just in the phase to buy the zwift hub one instead of the classic(since you can still change to a cassette if you want), but otherwise they would basically be the same, so I just assume it would work. But if they have blocked this feature on the hub one, then I need to reconsider.

Sorry, I put that very badly. A head unit such as a Garmin will be able to control the resistance on a Zwift Hub Classic or One in the same way. It’s just that for the One thr Garmin won’t be able to use the virtual shifting feature of the trainer. But if you put a cassette on a One then you should be fine.

Thanks! That cleared it up.