Controlling Zwift Hub with Garmin Watch

I came across a video on YouTube where the presenter was showing how you can use the set power function on your Garmin watch to tell your smart trainer what power you want it to hold. I tested it today with my Zwift Hub, set 200 watts, however nothing happened? I expected ERG mode to switch on similar to doing a Zwift training session. Am I missing something or is the hub not controllable via the watch in that way?

For this to work you cannot pair the trainer to Zwift for “Resistance” because only one device can control the trainer’s resistance. Is that what you did?

Yes I was on Zwift in SIM mode. So I get it, I can use the set power on the Zwift hub outside of Zwift. Thanks.

I’m referring to what you choose on the pairing screen, not whether you are in simulation mode. In theory you could be in ERG mode while resistance is controlled from the watch, but that would not make a lot of sense. Make sure this tile is orange:

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 11.47.51

Yeah sorry, I understood your point. Zwift is controlling the resistance. I can switch off the resistance in the pairing screen and get the watch to control it instead but my point and as you said it doesn’t make much sense. Thanks again

OK sounds like it’s working properly. This setup makes sense when in simulation mode. It’s sometimes used by group ride leaders to force a set pace for a group ride that is not a workout.

The reason I was testing it is sometimes my watch gives me suggested workout say cycle at 180 watts for an hour. I did it last week in sim mode trying to hold the watts on my own but then saw that I could get the watch to set the power (as long as I’ve designated it as the controller for resistance).