Erg mode sets incorrrect power during training plans

Hi There,

I have recently started zwifting and my first three rides during the trial period I had no problems at all. I then signed up and in my next two training sessions erg mode has not worked correctly.

Erg mode is obviously on because the trainer resistance changes to match a certain power level but the the power level that it matches to is not the same as the on screen prompt/training plan. So for example the screen says “ride 200w” but my trainer is holding me steadly at 150w no matter how fast/slow I pedal. It is as if the training plan has not been programmed correctly.

I am doing the 12 week “build me up” training plan which I would have thought is one of the most popular ones.

I am using Zwift for windows connected to a wahoo kickr v5 trainer via bluetooth.

To be clear when I say “on screen power” I mean the prompted power that I am supposed to be riding at. The actual power I think is reported correctly on screen (in bright red because it is not in the right zone)

I have tried pedaling different speeds, changing gears, updating all software and of course, turning it off and on again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Can you give us more information on how you pair your trainer.

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I pair directly with the laptop to the trainer (usually its the first or second screen when i open zwift) and it pairs for three categories (which I think are) Power Meter, Cadence, Smart Trainer

There is an issue with incorrect resistance, it’s been in place for a while.

Discussion in this thread: Erg mode not working in workout mode - #93 by edward_ryan

I can fire up erg on the Ant+\PC and it will match the correct resistance, switch to Apple TV (Bluetooth) and it’s out of sync. Switch back to Ant+ on the PC and it works fine.