Resistance on or off: Automatic or manual Zwift on exercise bike

I have a recumbent exercise bike which seems to play well with Zwift. I’m new to the program and have one primary question.

When I log on via AppleTV, I’m presented with connections for Power Source, Cadence, Resistance, Heart Rate, and Controls. I’ve never been able to select Controls but maybe that’s a question for another time. If I have all but Controls selected, the resistance in Zwift and on the bike changes automatically. If I hit an incline, the pedal resistance rises in steps up to 16. If I descend, the resistance drops. However, if I de-select Resistance at the initial screen, the bike will let me manually change the resistance - something akin to shifting. Which is the better mode or more typical for the Zwift experience?


If you have gears on the bike, letting Zwift control the resistance is the way to go.
If you find the changes in resistance to invasive or beyond realistic, you can lower the “trainer difficulty” in the settings.

If you don’t have any gear, I would just set it to manual, switch the resistance to whatever effort you want to put in at the current situation - ride Zwift and have fun :blush: