Zwift Hub - simple remote?

I have a Zwift Hub which I (of course) use with the Zwift app, on my iPad. Now and then I want to ride while watching a movie, and don’t care about any of the Zwift app stuff. I basically want what I did with my old dumb trainer, nothing but manually adjusting the tension now and then. Is there a simple way to do this, either with an app or with some kind of cheap Bluetooth remote?

I have both Saris and Elite direct drive trainers and for both of them they can be used unplugged and they act like a dumb trainer.

Check out DCR’s app guide: Cycling Trainer App In-Depth Guide: 2020 Edition

I don’t know which apps allow use for free but there’s likely one with an erg-mode that can be controlled manually. (Tacx Training app will but it only works with Tacx Trainers - maybe TrainerRoad?)

Almost any modern cycling computer can do it, if you have a Garmin head unit or similar


Have you tried the JetBlack Cycling App?

It does have an option to pair with a generic smart trainer.

I was able to pair with my V1 Wahoo Kickr SNAP (and cadence/HR sensors), and view the sensor output.

I was not able to control resistance, but it might work with the Hub (or a newer trainer)