Zwift Hub - setting for manual ride?

So far I’m enjoying my new Zwift Hub. Mostly I’ll use the Zwift game. Sometimes I like to casually ride while watching a movie on my iPad. That was easy on my old wheel-on dumb trainer. How do I do this with the Hub? I know it’s compatible with other apps, so I’m hoping there’s a simple app for this. I basically want to set a fixed tension/incline then just ride. Thanks!

Hi @Mitch_C

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The easiest is to create a workout with a set power level. Or you can create a free ride workout and ust the companion app incline function to change resistance (Or keyboard buttons + and - )

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If you have a modern cycling computer such as a Garmin head unit, you should be able to pair the trainer with that and set the target power or load a workout on it

(I haven’t done this with a Zwift Hub though)

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Is there some level of built in default tension on this trainer, that you could just ride without even powering on the trainer? Then, choose difficulty by shifting gears on the bike?