Syncing zwift w/ wahoo kickr to draft and change resistance on hills

I am new to smart trainers. I just bought a new wahoo kickr, it’s all set up and I am a new subscriber to Zwift. Unfortunately I cannot synchronize these two despite numerous tries.

I did spin down to calibrate the two

I paired  the “Power Source”, “Cadence” meter and “Controllable Trainer”

I select ride types and course and can ride on zwift courses

when I come within drafting distance there is no signa to “close the gap” and I feel no decrease in resistance when I’m on the back wheel of another rider

When I transition from flat terrain to uphill, rather than changing the resistance on the flywheel (as in tur road biking), the resistance remains unchanged and the speed indicator says I am going slower


I am using an iPad as my zwift screen

Any advice anyone?

Much appreciated

Doc Bobby



Did you leave it at Just Ride or did you select a Workout?

What type of in-game bike did you select? FYI, you cannot draft with the Zwift TT bike.


Thx Paul

My home trainer is the Wahoo Kickr - is this what you mean by what “in-game” bike I am using? 

I am not familiar with the Zwift TT bike (is this an actual home bike training unit or a selection within the Zwift software program that I choose or don’t choose?

On the workout type, I’ll make sure I’m not in Just Ride mode - good thought


bob kitchell


Bob, skip the calibration - it’s a once a month kind of thing and it currently is breaking the feel of the hills when you ride on an iPad/iPhone sometimes.


Thx Jon - Is an ipad or iphone not the best screen to use zwift on?

I set the intensity of the road feel (this is not the right term, but it’s on the settings window) at “maximium” - i was lead to believe that this makes a more authentic feel of true road biking. Do you know anything about this?


bob k


The Zwift TT bike is the bike you select for your in-game bike and you cannot draft with it, all other bikes you can.

Here is a helpful link for using Zwift:

And Here:

And a list of bikes: