Zwift has started turning it's self off

30 or 40 mins into a ride and Zwift has just started turning its self off, can relog back in no problem. The laptop runs on Windows 11 and is only used for Zwifting.

hi @Michael_Crane-Trimik, welcome to the forums!

Could be overheating? Do you leave the laptop plugged into main power, or is it on battery? Check settings in windows to give full performance when plugged in. You may also want to turn off video screenshots in the Zwift settings menu.

Good evening Mike,
The laptop stays on mains and runs cool. Have turned video screenshots off.
I’ve found the crash log and will try to send on tomorrow.
Thank you.

You might want to check the Windows Event Viewer to see if anything interesting was logged there about the crash. Zwift support can also analyze your log files if you contact them. I can almost guarantee they will tell you to update your video drivers so you may as well check into that first.

Something similar was happening to me. Complete uninstall and reinstall of Zwift fixed it.

Thank you all, for your suggestion. Just doing a Windows update and then I’ll uninstall and reinstall Zwift and then test it tomorrow, hopefully that will have fixed it.

Hi Michael,

Mike, Paul, and B gave some good advice.

Another common cause for crashes can be lack of memory. If you’re running other apps in the background (e.g. browser, music streaming, office programs etc.) that can sometimes cause issues. Making sure other apps are closed before starting Zwift can help.

If you’re still having crashing issues, please reach out to us on our Support Page with your Window’s ETVX file and Zwift log files.

To gather your log files, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Documents.
  2. Select Zwift.
  3. Select the Logs folder.

To gather your EVTX, just follow the steps in our Sending Crash Logs to Support guide.

Did it help, Michael? Having similar issues on my wife’s laptop on windows 11, mine (win 10 and a bit more memory) works fine so wondering if reinstalling zwift is enough.

Good evening,
Possible as the laptop is only used for Zwifting, I had missed Windows update and also removing Zwift and reinstalling has cured the auto shut downing.