Laptop keeps shutting down

Hope all are well

My laptops shuts down after zwifting for between 5 to 30min

I dropped the grafics to the lowest and used it in window mode as well. This started since last Sunday the 17 may. Any idea what could b wrong. Thanx.

If it’s old maybe open it up and see if it’s full of dust or just vacuum the fan to remove some dust. It’s possible it is overheating. I suspect you could open some diagnostics app on the laptop to see temperature and see if it’s increasing too much while on zwift.

I prop mine up so there can be air flow underneath and often blow a fan on it.

That’s just one suggestion though.


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Does it perform an orderly shutdown (as if you hit “Start”-> “Power” “Shut Down” in Win10) or is “shuts down” is general description? Try to find the shutdown event in Window’s event log, as described here.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to monitor your CPU’s temp - Look for “Core Temp” utility or the like of it (if you are running in Windowed mode.)

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Thanx. Will try that

The laptop shuts down totally. Goes blank.

I actually figured our now that the system crashes when I’m select a workout. If it’s a normal thrill ride doest not crash

I’m on week six of my plan. Before wek six gab no issues with zwift for 6 weeks

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Did you manage to get the problem fixed. on my laptop laptop just shuts down, like its just dead in mid session ;(

Lol yeah. That’s a very long time for u to respond