Keeps hard crashing on zwift start up, win10

Hi there,

whenever I start the application it hard crashes the pc restarting it.
sometimes its immediately after the logging, other times it s at the pairing screen, other times it s at choosing the world, though once im in the “game” it almost never crashes.
I usually get 5-8 crashes before i can start a session. you can imagine how frustrating this is!

today I reinstalled the game but no changes.

machine: Win 10 up-to-date
gpu is also updated

Welcome. You’ll need to provide much more information about your system specs to get meaningful help. Please read the post pinned to the top of the forum.

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Exactly the same issue for me on a laptop that I’ve used zwift on for years. Having not zwifted for about 9 months Im trying to use it again but takes 5-6 tries to get by without crashing, looking on here it was suggested to remove all video drivers and reinstall, reinstall zwift app and even reinstalled windows 10 last night but now its worse and as soon as I open zwift app it crashes to a white screen that hangs laptop.
I have 2.2 Ghz i5 intel, 6Gb Ram and Geforce940M video.

HI yeah sorry I should have read the pinned post… i just wrote it down in a pinch.


I found the problem and for me it was insufficient power delivery to the gpu. the moment the gpu started to work more and draw more power the pc would shut down. I noticed this pattern (in the past and now these episodes turned the light bulb on) while using other gpu intensive apps so I started searching for symptoms of PSU failure I realized that the power suply was either damaged or failing on me so I ordered a new one; and now everything works perfectly!

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the problem was insufficient power supply (or something was damaged when reaching higher power demands crashing the system). Maybe check your battery savings options and make sure theyre turned off or ,if on windows, make a new power plan that runs eveything at 100% power

Good news! Glad you’ve sorted it. :+1: