Overheating; HP laptop crashes

Hi everyone,

since two or three weeks my HP laptop shuts down after approx. 40 minutes while Zwift is running. The error shows “Thermal Shutdown, 90E” due to overheating. The graphics board is working at 100% just when Zwift has been opened (not even necessary to start the application).

Fan is working properly. HP support says that the hardware is ok and the system is up to date (all drivers have been updated).

Even though the laptop has just the minimum hardware requirements according to the Zwift homepage, it worked for more than 3 years without any problems.

Was there maybe an update with increased demand for graphics board? Is there any known solution to that problem?

Thx, Marc

Reducing the frame rate or maximum refresh rate in the GPU settings might help. Reducing the resolution in the game might help as well. If you’ve had it for a while, cleaning the fans or interior of the laptop could help if it’s dusty inside. Other than that, get a laptop cooler for it to sit on.

Cooling pad is the way to go.
When I load Zwift on my laptop, there is an immediate increase in the air temperature coming out of the exhaust port.
I used to get weird Ant+ connections.
Got the cooling pad (cheap, $18-20) and no problems.
Which is kind of bad because I was starting to look into building a dedicated Zwift PC but now the laptop works.

Thanks for your quick replies. I have cleaned the fan already, so this should not be the issue. For the AMD Radeon™ Vega 8 Graphics I am not quite sure where to change the setting. But I have reduced the resolution for Zwift so far. Maybe this works. Or I need to get such a cooling pad (I wasn’t aware that something like this exists :slight_smile:

If you have the Radeon software installed, one of these docs might help. Look for Display Refresh Rate or Frame Rate Target Control. If it’s above 60Hz, lower it to 60Hz.

refresh rate is already at 60 Hz. I just had another crash after approx. 40 Minutes - even though the laptop does not feel warm or even hot at all…

I guess that his really must be some kind of software issue instead of a hardware or settings problem…

If it still gives the Thermal Shutdown error then it’s an overheating problem and a laptop cooler will probably help.

When I was Zwifting in the garage during Covid in Summer 2020, I had 2 fans blowing on me, 1 fan blowing on my fluid trainer and a cooling pad blowing on my lap top.

Gotta stay cool, Man!!