Laptop crashing after 30 mins of riding

I recently purchased a new Laptop [relatively inexpensive], it has 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD storage. The GPU is intergrated.
The laptop has Norton antivirus installed and that’s it yet the Task Manager indicates 90+% of memory used when Zwift is running. This despite the Battery saver reduced to minimum, screen graphics dropped to min [576p] and other zwift forum suggestions such as auto photos being disabled.
So why is the Laptop suddenly givng me a black screen and then not coming back to life unless i do a forced reboot.

Should I consider an upgrade to the RAM to 16GB or perhaps push the saved location of the Zwift file somewhere else? it’s currently on the C drive

Lamens terms with responses please, I’m no techy :slightly_smiling_face:

I strongly recommend you save anything you want to keep and clean install Windows from scratch. This will remove Norton and a load of other crap that you don’t need and negatively impacts performance. 16GB of RAM is needless for Zwift.

All that said, if the laptop has a 10th, 11th or 12th gen Intel CPU with integrated graphics then Zwift doesn’t run properly without crashing anyway I’m afraid. The only way around this is to use Windows 10 and an older Intel driver.

Thanks for that, i’ve dug out the laptop box and note the CPU ref as intel i3-10110U 2.1GHz, after googling how to know what generation i have, it looks to be a 10th gen. Would you agree based on the above code?
Is it wise removing the antivirus though?
My next move looks to be reverting to Windows 10 from 11 which I’ll need to google to work out how [and if possible on this machine] as well as installing a compatible driver as you have suggested.

That is 10th gen, yes. Windows has inbuilt antivirus and firewall software that is as good as any other on the market, you don’t need Norton.

I would clean install Windows 10 and then look to roll back the iGPU driver as mentioned. For Windows, just use the Media Creation Tool. You just need a decent-sized USB stick. Your Windows licence will carry across. It’s very easy.

You might try disabling Norton to see if it helps. Sudden system lockup doesn’t sound likely to be caused by 90+% memory utilization. You might also try running some other demanding application (eg, some hot action game or a benchmarking utility) and see if the computer freezes.

Here’s the old driver guide: Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride - #378 by Peter_Gross

If you’re unsure about reinstalling Windows 10 I’ll send you a step by step guide by PM.

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Ok, great, thanks for that advice. I may as well try this before the Windows 10 option. I did notice in the Memory usage that Norton was taking up a fair amount of space which may have contributed to the issue.
Appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Fantastic, appreciate the support :slight_smile:

Sent. Let me know if you have any issues. It’ll fly with a clean install, believe me. Zwift won’t run much better though. :wink:

Hi @Andy_Turnbull_AHDR,

Looking at the information you’ve presented about your computer, there is a chance that you might be affected by a known issue involving 10thand 11th gen Intel CPU’s with integrated graphics. I’d like to take a look at your crash logs so we can get a better idea of what’s going on.

I’ve sent you an email with instructions on how to find your Windows crash logs, feel free to follow up with that.

I’m told it’s no better on 12th gen, for your info.

Ok great, thanks Terry, I’ll check it out after work on Thursday. Appreciate the help :blush:

Thanks Terry, i have responded to the email with the crash log file for you to take a look at.
I look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

Hi Dave,
Zwift IT have been really helpful by reviewing some crash logs that highlighted some driver issues. Since I did the updates Zwift ran ok on Tuesday and Wednesday last week but the crashed on Thursday :roll_eyes:
After sending through further crash logs I’m told that the issue is definitely linked with the Intel Intergrated CPU driver. The suggestion is to roll back to a previous version.
A link to a forum feed was provided but I’m a little lost as to where the step by step guide was provided.
I don’t suppose you’ve a step by step process on how to roll back from a 10th or 11th Gen intel processor to an earlier version?

Really appreciate your help of possible :pray:t3:


Hi mate, check your messages. Got something for you to try.